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User Interaction

Placing orders impulsively is unavoidable, hence the cancellation or changing of orders even after putting them will be allowed. However, once your order is processed by our team, you can no longer cancel or change it through the website, you’ll have to contact the customer support team through the customer hotline to cancel the orders manually.

Yes, Strong Moto Centrum website allows users to save different product items in their cart for future purchases.

You may contact customer support through our customer hotline – 09701929564 or email us at info@strongmotocentrum.com for product inquiries only.

For complaints and other legal matters, you may contact us at 09606089390 or smct.info21@gmail.com

Out of stock products can easily be determined as it will be labeled, “OUT OF STOCK” in the website. As a result, users will not be able to save items in to their cart or check the product out.

The shipping fee will depend on the location of the customer. For areas without STRONG MOTO CENTRUM branches, product shipment may take longer than the expected day as your orders will be directly processed by the nearest branch from your location.

Product shipment may be limited due to several unprecedented events, however, rest assured that we will do our best to cater to your orders in the shortest time or day possible.

You can look for specific product and its category through the search bar at the top-most part of the screen. It should be easier to look for what you need as these categories can also be easily seen in the homepage.

  • Fridge and Freezer
  • Cooling Appliances
  • Small Appliance
  • Water Dispenser & Sterilizer
  • TV & Audio
  • Laundry Appliances
  • Oven and Cooking

Reference (please click here): https://strongmotocentrum.com



To order specific products, using your mobile phone or your desktop, you can easily click on the search bar at the top of the screen and type the product/s you want.

After searching for the product keyword, click on the product you wish to purchase. The option ‘add to cart’ or ‘buy now’ will appear. Add to cart to purchase letter, or click buy now for immediate purchase.

After securing your product details and purchase, you can now proceed to the payment process where your personal information essential for the shipment of the product will be asked, as well as your other payment information.

After confirming the product that you wish to purchase, you will be asked about some of your personal details and shipping address, then you will be redirected to a series of options where you need to confirm your mode of payment – Maya or in-store payment.

New to Strong Moto Centrum, Inc.


  • Panasonic                                   TCL                            
  • Sharp                                           Skyworth                    
  • Sony                                             Haier                                                    
  • Markes                                         Fabriano                                                                                  
  • Carrier                                         Mabe
  • GE Appliances                           La Germania
  • Condura                                     Astron



Yamaha                                       Honda

Suzuki                                           Kawasaki

Here at Strong Moto Centrum, we offer efficient, cashless, and safe payments. Our payment methods are available through Maya, credit, and debit cards.

To view our Return Policy, please visit Return Policy.

Product ratings are essentially present to aid in a customer’s decision-making. To see these insightful customer reviews and product ratings, you need to click on a specific product or the product of your choice. A series of product information will be displayed on the screen, and by browsing downward, the reviews and ratings will be shown which will be helpful in every customer’s purchase decision.

Navigating and shopping through the website is as easy as doing in-store browsing. You only need to enter the link: strongmotocentrum.com and search for the product/s you want through the search bar located at the top-most part of the screen.

Another option would be, clicking on the product categories above the screen and maneuvering the site by scrolling it down where you can see the full list of the products that are available on our website.

We advise that before anything else, secure a stable internet connection for a better shopping experience.


Available on the website only offers a cash basis payment for appliances, with additional delivery charges that may apply during shipment.

Our website only offers a cash-based payment for appliances with delivery charges that may apply during shipment. However, we only provide online applications for motorcycles.

STRONG MOTO CENTRUM’s website is safe, thus you can save your payment information, as the website also allows this feature on both desktop and mobile views.

Our website takes pride in our safe and secure transactions, and all of the customer’s information is secured and will not be used in any illegal matters. For extra data security, be mindful that we will never ask for any password, or bank account details, or ask for your OTP via call, chat, email, and SMS.

Orders & Shipping
  • Strong Moto Centrum offers pick-up and free delivery options for customers for an efficient shopping experience.
  • Pick-up option is for customers who wish to personally get their orders at our nearby branches. Free delivery option is only applicable within 5 kilometer radius location, and additional charges may apply for every kilometer beyond 5 km.

Strong Moto Centrum offers delivery services through in-house couriers that will ensure your products will arrive intact and safe. We value your experience, and we handle your orders with care.